The Proprietor


Mary Elizabeth Winters




Over the years, Mary has acquired a number of titles:


  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Herbalist and member of the American Herb Society
  • Ordained Spiritual Minister of the Esoteric Inter Faith Church


Of all Mary’s titles, her most prized are those of daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Mary’s love of family and community has inspired and guided her life's journey. Knowing that each day presents new lessons and opportunities, Mary is currently working towards her bachelor degree in Holistic Healing from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Inspired by her own mentors, Mrs. Winters shares her insights and expertise with the principal purpose of helping others. In addition to the website, Mary maintains an active presence in Northeastern Ohio. Her participation in employee wellness programs through University Hospitol, Stan Hywet Hall and The Cleveland Clinic have been most rewarding.

As always, for over the last decade, she continues to offer her products and services at a variety of local venues and through various organizations. For Mary, who continually reminds herself to "talk the talk and walk the walk" her pursuits are more than a labor of love, they are a primary facet of her life.

Life, for all of us, holds a distinct journey; but also, intersections or common grounds where hope, compassion and common sense can achieve wonders. It is Mary’s wish that Mystik Pathways serve as one such crossroads.



Holistic Healing: A doctrine of preventive and therapeutic medicine that emphasizes the necessity of looking at the whole person...body, mind, emotions, and environment.- Encyclopedia Britannica