burn salveFor many years through Mystik Pathways, Mary Winters has sold her line of herbal based products and other creations within the Northeast Ohio area. She has enjoyed providing quality, handcrafted items mostly with a holistic and all natural approach. Currently, she is focusing her time on the practice of Reiki in particular. It is her feeling that assisting others towards self-healing and happiness while strengthening her own spiritual connection should take precedence over monetary consideration. In fact, that idea is a major tenet of Reiki.

Moving into the future, Mary will again offer a variety of items for sale online and at public venues. The intent will be to provide products which serve to accentuate her healing services and instructional classes. Of course, a number of individuals have been loyal customers over the years. For anyone seeking to make a purchase of her gift baskets or even a single item, please don't hesitate to contact us. 





Transcendence defined: The philosophical study of being and knowing.- Princeton University