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 Holistic Living:  A subject offering much insight and discussion from a entirely philosophical view to a simple recipe that follows a well-balance diet...


 Herbal Words: The benefits of herbs and their essential oils can not be overstated. We invite you to share your interest and insights of these natural wonders... 


Mystik Miscellaneous: Whether its a write-up on crystal healing, a musing on music during meditation or a recent account of a Reiki session, this is an open space for many topics...



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Origin  ~ Herb: The word herb is derived from the old French erbe and, from its first appearance in English in the late 13th century, meant both a plant without a woody stem and a plant of particular medicinal or culinary value. The “h” first appeared in the 15th century but wasn’t voiced until the 19th century, which is why some folks still say 'erb'.