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Reiki is a light-touch healing method that gently permeates the entire individual. The modern founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, considered his beneficial insights to be a rediscovery of knowledge known to the ancient sages. The word ‘reiki’ describes both the primary source of healing and the system built around that source. It is a combination of the Japanese terms ‘Rei,’ which means universal, and ‘Ki,’ which refers to the life force energy that flows through all living things.

By directing this limitless energy, a treatment session affects an individual on a physical; emotional and spiritual level. This truly holistic healing technique energizes the body's natural curative abilities. Though spiritual in nature, this healing modality has no particular dogma. There is no specific spiritual belief system necessary for an effective experience. Endorsed by most major medical institutions, Reiki continues to gain momentum as a viable therapeutic.


Key benefits from healing sessions:
  • release of negative emotions.
  • reduction of stress and tension.
  • lessening or elimination of pain.
  • balancing of one's vital life energy.
  • fostering of peace and contentment.
  • increase in one's focus and creativity.
  • promotion of healing against illness and disease.


Treatment sessions are provided by Mary Winters, a Reiki Master with over ten years of experience. As with all practitioners of this method, Mary only serves as the conduit for the essential life energy. A client may choose to sit in a chair or lay on a cushioned table while Mary places her hands at key energy points along the body. Contact is light touch without pressure, manipulation or massage. Clients typically experience a deep sense of relaxation and peace as the cleansing energy flows through their body.


Training is available and accessible to all. The ability to learn reiki is not dependent upon special talent or other acquired abilities. An attunment process prepares the student to become an effective practitioner. Many students have found an attunment to be a profoundly spiritual experience. Student have often expressed an increase of intuitive awareness and psychic sensitivity following the process. To learn more about reiki training, contact Mrs. Winters via the link below. Please include a number and best available time if you would like a phone consultation.


Dr. Mikao Usui believed his system of healing was a gift that should and could easily be shared. Fees are set within a modest range; however, individuals who find the costs prohibitive should contact Mrs. Winters to discuss cost reductions or exceptions.


Individual Sessions
One-Hour Table Treatment - $60
Half-Hour Table Treatment - $30*
20 Minute Chair Treatment -$20*
Additional Options
Chronic Care ~ $50**
Monthly Maintenance ~ $50**
Reiki Training
Reiki Level I Attunment ~ $150
Reiki Level II Attunment ~ $150
Advanced Reiki Training ~ $150
Reiki Master Attunments ~ $150


For questions, comments or to schedule a session, please contact Mary via phone or email.




Transcendence defined: The philosophical study of being and knowing.- Princeton University