Spiritual Bathing


Water is one of the most important substances in our lives. Our bodies, which are largely composed of water, require daily intake to maintain health and well-being. Water not only sustains us, it has also been used as a fundamental source of cleansing throughout human history.

The act of spiritual bathing is intertwined with healing practices across the world. From the inviting waters at the Golden Temple of India (pictured below) to the subtle act of a Catholic Church Baptism, ritual cleansing remains a powerful force within the human experience. Whether seeking a clean slate or affirming a path already begun, such a ritual can serve as a focal point in  making an auspicious move forward.

A spiritual bath consists of water infused with positive affirmations, as well as incorporating plants, stones, and essential oils to wash away the negative effects of anger, fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, troubling dreams, sadness, exhaustion, world-weariness, stress and confusion.


ritual bath

The Experience


Based on a Mayan ritual, the bath is prepared in a bowl of purified water. First saturated with herbs and crystals, the water is filtered before being infused with a blend of essential oils. The client may choose to sit or lay atop a protective cover. An aura cleansing will be preformed through the use of prayer, incense* and the sprinkling of the prepared bath. The result is a truly lovely ceremony for those ready to release their troubles and receive an extraordinary experience of self-healing. Clothing should be comfortable and something you won''t mind getting wet. A change of clothes on hand is recommended.


One-Hour Spiritual Bath - $75**


Please contact Mary Winter for consultation or scheduling.


* alternatives to the use of natural incense in cases of sensitivity can most certainly be accommodated

** includes herbs and incense to use at home to continue for eight additional days.











Background: Temple of the Winds by Dennis Jarvis: Maya City of Tulum - CC BY-SA 2.0 License


Psychic defined:Lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge:immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force. - Merriam Webster