Understanding the Chart


The Tibetan Health Charts are based on Kalachakra Medical Astrology which is an integration of yoga, Aurveda, and Vedic astrology. This system is grounded in the study of embryology, physiology, anatomy and human aging patterns through our lifetime. For clarity please refer to the Example Chart .




The Basics


Each Health Chart is composed of nine houses. The houses, grouped into three columns of three, combine the overall astrological forces at work throughout the cycles of one''s life. Each house is dominated by a planet. Depending upon the house and its planetary influence, the included guidance sheets can be used to gain insight into potential illness, disease and other health concerns. Additionally, the accompanying information will advise as to which crystals, essential oils and herbs can assist in strengthening the weaknesses brought on by the planetary effects while toning the positive influences.



mandala kalachakra




A Closer Look


Ancestry Chakra Genetic Cycles


Looking at the chart, you''ll see that the first column hold the three houses of the Ancestry Chakra Genetic Cycles. The first house is the weekday of birth and shows the psychological constitution which is one''s general personality and disposition. The second house corresponds to the physical body and shows the weak areas of the organs, tissues and body systems. This house, just as the third to follow, holds a direct link to our lifelong health.


The third house reveals inherited weaknesses; the health of parents at the time of conception; the health of one''s mother during pregnancy and the circumstances of of their birth, thus representing an individuals'' genetic pattern. By discovering the planet of influence one can learn about possible inherited issues while finding measures to counteract those potential concerns.




Preservation Chakra Vitality Cycles


The middle column of houses is our Preservation Chakra Vitality Cycles and represents our base or who we are. The fourth house is one''s psychology vitality which represents our mental and psychological strengths and weaknesses. The planet of influence for this house will be the ruling planet of the Preservation Chakra Vitality Cycles. What that means is that this house''s planet has more influence than the ones in the next two houses.


The fifth house is our physical vitality. It is here where an example can be given to show the potential of the underlying system upon which the health chart is constructed:


A good friend of Mary''s had a health chart created using her birth date and birth time. The chart noted Jupiter as the planet of influence for her fifth house. What made this chart so interesting was that her friend suffers from hyperthyroidism and had her gallbladder removed several years ago. As listed in the guidance sheets, the planet Jupiter is related to the thyroid glands and the gallbladder.


Even more interesting, Jupiter also dominated her third house which reveals inherited weaknesses. Mary was informed that her friend had always believed her mother had suffered from thyroid issues. A belief made stronger after she had spend a number of years and visited several doctors before pinpointing her own medical issues. These two houses are not always or even usually the same. Nevertheless, had Mary''s friends know the results of her chart years earlier; she could have directed her physician to check her thyroid. Not only would this have saved time and trouble, she may have been able to use the knowledge of the chart to improve upon her overall health.


Of course, the sixth house is our health''s overall strengths and weaknesses. This house has only day to day influences. By tending to the effects of the ruling house, the daily affect of this lesser house thus become secondary. The first 6 houses do not change during our lifetime; although, the last three will.





Forward Moving Chakra Aging Cycles


The seventh house is the current seven year cycle that we are in. As noted earlier the nine cycles of the Kalachakra last seven years. The planet of influence in the Seventh house will be our ruling planet for our Forward Moving Aging Cycles. Again, this ruling planet will dominate over the following two houses. When one transitions to a new cycle, the ruling planet will change. By having this knowledge as a person nears a transition period or marma point, preparations can be made to strengthen the weaknesses of both planets.


The eighth house''s planet changes every year on our birthday. Knowing the influences in this house an individual can take steps to promote well-being throughout the year. The Ninth house changes every fifth-two days. There are seven, fifth-two day, cycles in one calendar year. Just as the shifting of the season affect our daily life so too do the changes in planetary power throughout the seven cycles of the ninth house each year.


Having a Tibetan Health Chart can be very useful tool for taking control of your own health while offering information that may assist oneself and one''s doctors in taking pro-active measures towards illness and disease. Each chart comes with a set of guidance sheets and a gemstone elixir body spray made specifically for the individual based on the result of their chart. (re-write) Each chart recipient will receive a least six updates to their chart which correspond to the changes within their Forward Moving Aging Cycles Please refer to the links below for additional information and ordering.




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Safety First ~  always fact check: Essential oils can serve many purposes. One must be careful to avoid substituting adulterated oils in their place. Lavender essential oil is not only an effective antiseptic, but also reduces pain and promotes healing. A lavender oils that is not an essential oil can actually produce harmful results.